Temporary Interior Protection System

When a commercial and industrial roof requires to be replaced at the end of its life cycle, it involves having an experienced roofing contractor on board to ensure that the work is performed professionally. That same level of reassurance and of high standards should be employed on protecting the interior of your building.
You can rest assured that we always bring innovative thinking and experience to the table when we quote a project. We offer the best interior protection experience the industry has to offer. By combining our progressive mindset in expanding our company, we have taken the initiative to become the first Canadian interior protection contractor to make use of a specialized engineered protective barrier material for interior protection work that has been designed and manufactured in Canada. Owners and property managers can now feel reassured that their tenants’ concerns during a roof replacement will be put to rest.
Our company has managed over 5 million square feet of interior protection projects across Canada. Our services are available from coast to coast. Our installation crews can mobilize for emergency calls anywhere across Canada. We have taken the initiative to install a superior protection barrier that meets today’s demand. Over the last 5 years our company has made leaps and bounds to be known as an interior protection contractor that provides superior service to roofing contactors across Canada. We work in all areas of ICI sector of the construction industry.

Our company moto: “We are the first to arrive and the last to leave.”

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