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Protective Barrier Solutions Canada Ltd. is a Canadian federally incorporated company, legally licensed to work and do business in every Canadian province and territory, strictly adhering to all local, provincial and federal jurisdictional labour, building and fire code.

We have a strict policy of hiring locally in a supportive role with our experienced crews.

We are a 100% Canadian owned and operated company doing business in every part of Canada. 

Our History goes back 30 years, in Ontario Canada in the commercial construction industry, including contracts with all branches government.  Maintaining quality work with an absolute emphasis on deadlines, while keeping our prices competitive.

In 2015, Protective Barrier Solutions Canada Inc. “PBS” was created to fill a need for a specialized professional interior protection, developing our own unique protection system, based on many years of certified experience in the Asbestos and Mold containment field. this is important because it makes PBS the ONLY Canadian Interior Protection company based on real experience, from legitimately certified specialists in the same field of business. As such all our employees are required to be 100% drug free, and have no criminal records.

Strictly hiring specialists for our onsite crews, that are certified in Asbestos and Mold containment fields, we expanded into suspended Interior tarp protection, supporting commercial roofing companies across Canada by protecting their clientele from falling dust and debris.

Being the only dedicated Canadian Interior Protection company to adhere to these strict policy’s our success in this field is unsurpassed in every way possible, we now work with virtually all major contractors providing suspended tarp interior protection projects.

In 2016 we welcomed a new operations manager with several years of direct, applied experience in suspended interior protection field for the Roofing industry, this further enhanced our knowledge and experience and brought new perspectives enabling PBS to grow nationally.

Today we are proud to have provided millions of square feet of interior protection working closely with commercial roofing companies.

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