Barrier Walls & Dust Screen

Some projects require additional interior protection services such as the construction of barrier walls. Depending on the project requirements we always ensure that our clients’ needs are always respected by having the best material on the job site that is installed by an experienced workforce to match the task at hand.

Negative pressure rooms and other special site requirements can be sealed off with greater care as we have the flexibility of working closely with our supplier in designing custom made/sized protection barrier(s) to meet these challenges.

The protection barrier we employ can be utilized in health care facilities and computer server rooms or for any other electronic/sensitive applications. Our protection barrier is certified NFPA-99 and has been designed specifically to address these issues.

We have accumulated several years of experience working within the asbestos removal industry where special care in the installation of a protection barrier is required.

Having an excellent service with an exceptional protection barrier is what we are all about. These are some of the advantages you have when you opt to bring PBS on your team.

Typical uses for Temporary enclosures for construction / construction dust barriers:

Re-flooring projects
Concrete cutting
Installation of new equipment
Tenant improvements
Restoration and reparation

Construction wall barriers can be specialized to meet your specific project requirements, including doorways, tunnels, air filters and any other custom request. Convenient access doors, decontamination rooms with sticky mats and air scrubbing or filtration equipment can be provided based on the individual requirements of your project.

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