Interior Protection and Dust Containment Services

Your Number One Choice in Complete Barrier Protection

Our Barrier Systems completely protect your products, your assets and maintain a safe work environment.

PBS offers a complete line of commercial and industrial protection services coast to coast, Canada wide.
Trust no one else, We are professional, based on Decades of licensed experience in Mold and Asbestos containment, so you KNOW nothing gets through our Interior Protection.

During the re-roofing process, a substantial amount of debris falls from roof-deck, this includes steel debris, roofing, wood insulation, stone aggregates dust material and litres of water.
Without proper protection, this can lead to contamination of products, slip and fall injuries, from customers and staff, leading to injuries, WSIB claims, as well as lawsuits and massive insurance claims.
As such many companies close their doors during this time to avoid these inherent dangers, while this may be practical for some, it is not practical for most.
We at PBS protect ALL areas and allow for seamlessly uninterrupted business to continue.

We at PBS, specialize in protective barriers in your commercial or industrial workplace, we offer services:

  • Temporary Suspended polyethylene tarpaulin, plastic sheeting, to protect against water leakage and falling debris during the re-roofing process
  • Temporary Water Diverting solutions, to divert and channel water leakages
  • shrink wrap services to keep all equipment or products safe and dust free during any construction or emergency maintenance
  • Permanent Industrial strength safety barriers for warehouses, industrial, commercial and other facilities to protect against anything from shopping cart damage to catastrophic forklift accidents
  • We specialize in dust, water, and debris containment. All types of construction create dust, debris and dirt that can easily fall and float through the environment, covering work space far from the job site. PBS provides a perfect, cost-efficient method to contain the dust within the work area, while keeping your working environment clean and usable. Our specialists use a light-weight, durable plastic sheeting.
    This is a simple and effective method of creating a protective barrier against dust, dirt, debris, and water leaks.