Interior Barrier Protection and Dust Containment Services

Over 4 million square feet of tarp installed


Our Barrier Systems completely protect your products and assets from damage incurred during all types of construction including restoration, upgrades or maintenance, and re-roofing construction. Learn more about the many containment services we offer.

Experienced Team

With decades of experience in the asbestos and mold containment field, we branched out in 2015 in the suspended barrier protection field and have become the Number One Choice in Complete Barrier Protection, Interior Tarp Protection and Construction Hoarding for Construction Projects.

Our services

With our complete line of commercial and industrial protection services coast to coast, Canada wide, we’ve got you covered. We take all your worries away and allow you to continue your business uninterrupted with peace of mind.

Suspended tarp barriers

We install temporary suspended polyethylene tarpaulin, plastic sheeting, to protect against water leakage and falling debris during the re-roofing process and more.

Construction wall barriers

Our Barriers, partition walls, temporary enclosures, & curtains keep the rest of your operation free from dust & debris. Keep your workplace contaminant free!

Shrink wrap services

Keep all your equipment or products safe and dust free during any construction or emergency maintenance, with our shrink wrap services.

High structure cleaning

Performed during the take-down of the suspended ceiling by using hand brooms, brushes, HEPA vacuums and more to clean and remove dust and debris.

Water leak diverting

Professionally installed temporary water diverting systems compliment our rock-solid suspended tarpaulin system from falling debris during a re-roofing project.

Interior tarp protection

We offer complete suspended interior barrier protection from dust and debris as a result of overhead roofing process, allowing work to continue as normal.

Complete Barrier Protection

Our Barrier Systems completely protect your products, your assets and maintain a safe work environment.

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